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City motorhome for those who live or drive a lot in the city

A city motorhome is, in short, a converted van that is decorated like a motorhome. As the name suggests, this type fits well in the city. The car is small and narrow. This makes it easy to navigate through narrow streets and to park in the city. With larger motorhomes, you risk having to put the car outside the city and be dependent on other transport to get to the city center. You can avoid this with a city motorhome.

Especially abroad, the city motorhome is practical, as it is easy to steer through narrow, charming streets. That it is easy to park is ideal in small and confusing parking spaces. The city motorhome is also cheaper than other types of motorhome.

Your everyday car number two

Many people use the city caravan as a second car, as it is perfect for daily transport. You can take the city motorhome when you need a trip to the store or to pick up the kids for football training.

Weight and driver’s license with city motorhome

The motorhome’s weight and requirements for driving licenses have long been controversial topics. The main rule is that if you have a class B driving license, you can drive a motor vehicle with a total weight of up to 3500 kg. Most city motorhomes can be driven with a driving license class B. If you need to weigh the car to be on the safe side, there are weighing stations you can use.

Room for more with alcove motorhome

Alcove RVs offer an additional bedroom above the cab. These cars are often well adapted to those who want to be more than 5 people in the car. The downside is that the cars become less aerodynamic. The extra space above the cab provides an extra comfortable bedroom. 

More space and higher comfort with a semi-integrated motorhome

A semi-integrated motorhome is more spacious than the city motorhome, because it has a specially built housing unit that is connected to a chassis. This provides extra space at the driver’s seat, which is convenient when you turn the seats to establish a social zone. All types of motorhome have a sitting area, bed, kitchen, toilet and bathroom. A semi-integrated motorhome often has more beds than the city motorhome, and is suitable for those who want more comfort than the city motorhome provides. This is the best-selling type of motorhome.

Even more space and higher comfort with a fully integrated motorhome

A fully integrated motorhome gives you a full package and is often referred to as the «luxury motorhome». Chassis is integrated in the specially built housing unit. This gives even better space in the car’s compartment and driver’s seat. There is generally more space for beds, equipment and specially designed furniture and solutions. With a fully integrated motorhome, you can go on long trips, without sacrificing comfort or luxury.

Weight and driver’s license with fully and semi-integrated motorhome

There are many types of both semi- and fully integrated motorhomes that you can drive with a driving license class B. If you want to drive motorhomes with a maximum weight of more than 3500 kg, you must have a driving license class C1 or C.


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